Monday, October 24, 2011

Free Jello Mold 2

Hallo Weenies!

I got my Free Jello Brain Mold (plus S&H $2.95) in the mail a few days ago and here is my first attempt at making some brains. I just want to let everyone know about this cool deal before they run out. And these molds are cheaper to have Kraft send one right to your door than it is to go to Target and buy one (for $5)!

This is my friend, Amy, with her first attempt at making Jello Brains. She was the one who turned me onto the free mold; so Thank You from all of us, Amy! Amy used Agar Agar which is a vegetarian gelatin substitute made of seaweed. She used one package for this brain and decided next time to use two. But I'd say that is one tasty looking brain! Great Job!

You know the Black Light Responsive Brains are my next Jello adventure! Then maybe a whole vodka Jello brain...The possibilities are ENDLESS!


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