Friday, October 21, 2011

David Lebovitz


I recently stumbled upon David Lebovitz's blog Living the Sweet Life in Paris. I was looking for a Spiced Nut recipe for the Premier Party for The Factory Square Fine Arts Festival, when I found his recipe for Pretzel & Nut Mix. I made 32 batches of this recipe for the party and it is still going strong. It has stayed crunchy and extremely snackable. This Pretzel & Nut Mix is addictively tasty, sweet with a major kick! It was a run away success at the party too!

The success of the Pretzel & Nut Mix got me pretty excited to check out the rest of his site learning that he is a pretty decorated pastry chef from Berkeley, CA who now lives in Paris full time.

Then I saw his blog post about Coulommiers, a French cheese that is kinda smelly and turns gooey as it reaches room temperature. I want to try it! Since living in Wisconsin, I've mustered up the guts about trying all kinds of cheeses. And even though a cheese that turns to mush at room temp is outside my previous cheese experience, I'm intrigued.


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