Monday, April 2, 2012

Whimsey Box Part 2

Hey To-Be-Continued lovers!

My personal computer has been down for a bit so thank you for patiently waiting on the conclusion of the Whimsey Box To Be Continued post!

As soon as my Whimsey Box arrived early last week, I took off toward the craft table tearing open the packaging, leaving behind a trail of ripped envelope and questions from my fella. In the picture above, I've places a large spool of thread next to the box to give you idea of the size (about 1.5 VHS tapes). Inside the box is the collectible art card (artist Faun Donald) with details on the back of what you'd find inside the box and all my goodies wrapped up in tissue paper and a length of ribbon; cute. Let me tell you, waiting long enough to take a photo before opening that ribbon was toooough!

Inside March's Whimsey Box were two Sharpies (from their new neon collection; I got light blue thin tip and a yellow regular tip), about two yards of eyelet trim from Simplicity Trim, one Elmer's All Purpose Glue Stick, a few small round magnets, and 12 sheets of scrapbooking paper. I immediately thought that scrapbooking paper would be great for origami and when I checked the TheWhimseyBoxBlog for tips and tutorials for my box, they'd already beaten me to the punch, by making rabbits for the holiday (one of my favorite origami animals to make BTW; give it a try!).

I think I am going to use the trim for either a ruffle on a thrifted tank for summer or  maybe to edge a pillow case. I am sure you'll be seeing a few of these items pop up on BK's Craft Blog and I'll be sure to nod to it when I do!


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  1. oooooooh! I really like this idea! Somehow I missed all your posts about Whimsey Boxes until now! I'm particularly envious of your new Sharpies!! :)