Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SYTYC: Week One

Hey Dollar Store Crafters!

Week One of So You Think You're Crafty was the Dollar Store Challenge and I made the Purse/Diaper bag.

Man-o-man! I do love a good Dollar Store run. I picked up many an item during my shopping trip hoping being surround by all these neat items would strike my match. In the end, two super soft Hanes tee shirts and the plastic baby safety pin decorations lit the fire.

I made a diaper bag out of the two shirts, pink and navy. The pink tee was the lining and shows a bit at the top with a few cut out strips, on the bottle pocket, and the rosettes (which is a removable brooch!). I squared up the bottom of the bag of stand up ability. The strap is made of two braids, zig zag stitched together for strength with the cute pink and blue plastic safety pins strung on it. Its also totally machine washable in case something leaks or the bag gets a little baby throw up on it.

Update: I made some pleats in the middle of the purse band for a bit more flare post-challenge.

Don't forget to vote in Week Two, BK

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