Saturday, April 28, 2012

SYTYC: Week Three

Hey Crafters,

Week Three of So You Think You're Crafty was Knock Off Week and I made the Flouncy Skirt! Truth be told, this lil lady was part of a larger dress with a jersey back panel (something I saw in Macy's) but it just wasn't working. Crafting is not just about being creative but flexible as well so I cut my losses and turned the bottom into my Flouncy Skirt.

 The yellow skirt above is my version of the cute springy, flouncy skirts I've been seeing everywhere! Basically its a skirt with some flare and pleats at the top. I used the skirt at the right as a bit of inspiration. I used the shirt like buttons on the front in the construction of my garment. I quilted the band around the top and left some excess for the attached bow. Plus this is a two-fer craft; both Knock Off and Up Cycle! The fabric is from a dress destined for the dumpster.


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