Friday, April 13, 2012

Pin Cushions

Hey Quilters!

My fella's mother is in town with friends to attend the International Quilt Festival-Cincinnati. Unfortunately I will not be able to meet up with them, but I sent these pin cushions with John as a welcome to Porkopolis!

I had some scraps of springy upholstery fabrics so these fake tomatoes are sturdy. A friend of mine from Madison, WI turned me onto this simple cushion pattern; the square! Just take two squares, right sides together, one laid like a square and one like a diamond; sewing corners to the middle of long sides. It makes the zigzag and fullness you see here. I am a big fan of this simple pattern because of the way it uses fabric in a sculptural way, forcing a round shape from two squares. I left the ladies versions empty of stuffing but with two buttons inside so they could fill, close, and adorn their own.


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