Tuesday, February 28, 2017

My New Favorite Resource: The Library!

As I started to delve into finding patterns for myself I, of course, tripped headlong into Pinterest where I found some really interesting online pattern retailers. But I also pinned some patterns found in books. With my trusty, rusty library card I did some searches and came out with a few new books in my request list.

THIS MEANS! That you can rent pattern books from the library and make copies of the pattern pieces kept in the envelope in the back! What a terrific discovery! I feel like I've been telling everyone who will listen this week about my new-found favorite part of the library. (Note: I will be following this up with a How To on copying patterns from books)

I had kind of forgotten the section of the library that had coffee table books detailing the careers of fashion designers but as I browsed I also found more pattern books, auto and biographies of designers, treatises on gender and fashion, and several books by Tim Gunn!

I am certainly obsessed! This photo is just one of several similar piles. Have you found anything as useful or empowering at the library?


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