Monday, March 13, 2017

How did I spend January?

I know February is a tad bit late when starting the conversation on a 2017 long project. However! I was finishing up some projects for other people before I had the clear slate and mind to start my own work.

I have an acquaintance who dreams big. We work on costume-y projects for Burning Man and it's smaller events. In the past, I have created for him a sweatsuit dino costume and a highly decorative naval officer jacket. This time around I made Pac-man lingerie for a friend of his. The costume world takes all kinds. It is three pieces: Bra with Pac-man chasing Mrs. Pac-man, panty with ghost, and skirt that does a little peek-a-boo with the ghost.

Aprons in Progress
My aunt often goes to comic book and anime conventions as Carousel Accessories (though she is on the edge of a rebranding), selling really cute stuffed animals and other cute goodies. She asked me to make her some clothespin aprons (basically a big pocket) for easy cash transactions and a place to put business cards. Which was a total blast because I could add trims and bobs to dress them up! And I got to use those adorable cartoony cottons from Jo-Ann's and I always oogle and never have a reason to use. They came out super cute!

But now that these are off my plate I CANNOT wait to start projects for me! And the wait is almost over! My next post with definitely be my first new garment of 2017!!


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