Sunday, May 27, 2012

SYTYC: Week 6

Hey all you Summer Sandies!

The theme of  So You Think You're Crafty's Week 6 was Sunshine! What better way to enjoy a sunny day but to have a picnic! I made a picnic blanket backed with a Twister board! The Twister board keeps your blanket from getting damp should the ground not be it's driest AND you can flip it over to play the fun group game. There is a sewn pocket between the comforter and plastic that holds the Twister spinner and a Frisbee (which was, by far, the best thrift buy of the project at .09 cents!)!

On So You Think You're Crafty, I was asked if my Twister board was actually attached or just laying on top. Even though I thought "Where is the craft in just laying the plastic on top?!" I can see why she would ask. I had tacked it down at the corners and a few places in the middle to give it stability but also the flexibility it might need as people start twisting around on it.

Since I sent in my post for Week 6 I have learned a few tweaks need to be made to the project. The plastic of the Twister board is too thin to stay sewn to the comforter and started to rip off. I am going to try sewing the plastic to another, sturdier fabric and then sewing that to the comforter along the S curve already sew into the comforter and tacking the corners.


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