Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ladies Craft Night: Bi-triangles

All the Crafters is the place I'm calling out to ya!

The latest Ladies Craft Night was all about folding paper. It was the first Ladies Craft Night in a while and I knew we would need to ease back into group crafting slowly, so a simple paper craft would do the trick. We made bi-triangles with this Mr. Printables Blog tutorial. Bi-triangles are just what they sound like; a shape that has a triangle on both sides.

All you need to make bi-triangles are paper and scissors. For the most part, the ladies took the first first triangle as a trial and error but by the second and third they had the hang of it and were pretty proud of the shape their crafts were taking.

I made this mobile, as suggested by Mr. Printables; with fishing line, seed beads, and a few heavier beads at the bottom out of the group's efforts.

Mr. Printables is a great, creative, colorful kids crafting website. If you need a rainy day activity to take your mind off the lack of Spring, click your fingertips right on over to Mr. Printables.


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  1. I can't wait to have an excuse to try some of the crafts/activities on Mr. Printables!

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