Friday, April 19, 2013

Etsy Planters!

Hey Eager Etsy-ers,

My Growing Mint post got me thinking about replanting cuttings in cool planters to give as gifts so I scoured Etsy for some really great planters. I'm really digging the self watering jumbo wine bottle planter. They're minimalist and recycled!

  1. Art Pottery Planter by TheBlueRam
  2. Blue Planter by brookhousepottery
  3. Porcelain Egg Planter by RevisionsDesigns
  4. Recycled Self Watering Jumbo Wine Bottle Planter by Rehabulous
  5. Window Planter Box by Lilpicker
  6. Glass Pyramid Planter with Air Plant by JechoryGlassDesigns
  7. Reclaimed Wood Garden Planter Box by andrewsreclaimed
  8. Neon Orange Rhinoceros Planter by CoastalMoss
  9. 16" Large Planters by RopedOnCedar
  10. Upcycled Herb Planter by SouthernRestoration


  1. Thanks for sharing RopedOnCedar's large planters for raised bed vegetable gardens along with herb, tomato, and flowers. Go vertical and get better use of your space.

  2. ✿¸.•*✿*•.¸✿ Beautiful, thank you Brittany!✿¸.•*✿*•.¸✿