Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tom the Turkey!

Hey Crafters,

I hope all are well hydrated after a sugar (and possibly alcohol) filled Halloween! I know I'm back on my feet and ready for some solidly fall crafts! Since we didn't get enough sugar in fun sized form, I found a recipe for Tom the Turkey Cupakes on Disney's Family Fun website. I think you could skip the black and white frosting if you have some confetti sprinkles. Dab a bit of the brown frosting and stick that sprinkle down.  I remembered a cupcake recipe I used that was sweet potato based so, for a healthier alternative, I found this tasty sounding Sweet Potato Cider Cupcakes recipe on Food Network's site. The texture is a bit different but, trust me, sweet potatoes make yummy cupcake insides. And you can use almond slivers instead of cookies or the head and wings.


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