Friday, November 4, 2011

Flower Headband Tutorial

Howdy Craftsters,

Today is a pretty big day for BK's Craft Blog: My First Tutorial! If there are any confusing instructions, I'd love the feedback.

Flower Headband!
What You'll Need:

  • Fake Flowers (one big bundle did the trick for me)
  • Sturdy Headband (I bought a cheap-o pack of two in case one broke)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Ribbons, Beads, Sequins, Rhinestones, etc..
  • About a Fat Quarter's worth of Fabric, could be a scrap!
1. If your headband is already covered in fabric, skip this step! My headband was made of plastic so I covered it with some scrap fabric I had, to give the hot glue something to really hold onto. I started with one side of the the fabric, gluing it to the center of the inside of the headband. Then I wrapped the fabric around the outer side of the headband and glued it to the center of the back, over the fabric already glued there. Cut off any excess fabric.
2. Take all the flowers off their stems and lay on the table in the order they are going to be put on the headband. I started with the center flower first, angling some flowers towards the front and some towards the back (pictured). Put hot glue on the plastic base of the flower and attach to headband (to make it sturdy, put glue wherever the flower makes contact with the headband).
Continue with the rest of the flowers.
3. Add sequins and rhinestones to the petals and centers of the flowers for sparkle and ribbons for flair. Loops and strands of ribbons add some dimension. I put ribbons near my ears to finish off the headband (pictured). 

And Ta Da! You've got yourself a Flower Headband to wear on all matter of occasions; Day of the Dead or Frida Kahlo costumes in my case! Possibly for a wood nymph or Eve costume.

This picture is, of course, after I realized that my fleshy colored powder doesn't really set white make up but before I had transformed into Frida.


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