Monday, September 5, 2011

Let's Start at the Very Begining

Helloooo, World at Large!

At the encouragement of several friends, I've decided to start a craft blog. I am constantly on the hunt for creative, useful crafts and re-purposing. And here is where I will share my bounty! Let me be clear, I will do a few tutorials but this forum is to re-post links to other craft tutorials and to show you my own results, adding suggestions and variations.

There are two reasons this is a great time of year to start a new project, like this blog. One: The Fall season is here. People are soaking up the last bit of lazy Summertime and getting ready for holidays and Winter. I am excited for the project to support me through the season. This new focus will make it feel like I actually want to be inside and not like I'm trapped by snow. Two: The holiday season is a great time of year for crafting!! There are many, many people who want to give homemade presents (like cookie-in-a-jar) and are decorating their homes with crafts. So, be prepared for all of the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas tutorials coming this way.

On to the Show! This very first link is a Halloween craft, Jar-o-Lanterns. Martha Stewart has us just paint the inside of a glass jar orange and a face on the outside. Everyone has old glass jars in their recycling bins and I figure you can use the 69 cent water based paints at Walmart if you don't wash them! And this doesn't just stop at Jack-o-Lanterns either, you could make ghosts or snowmen. Heck, you could turn your ghost INTO a snowman!

Till next time, BK

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