Thursday, December 1, 2011

Maple Leaf Coasters

Hello Crafters,

Ok, ok, I know that its not quite fall anymore (depending on where you live, its definitely not fall anymore) but I have a few more fall crafts I wanted to get in before I move to winter.

I have been putting The Long Thread's Maple Leaf Coasters on the back burner for a few weeks but they are so easy to do. The tutorial made them out of felt but I bought three wool sweaters this fall to make felted wool projects. This is the first sighting on the blog of these sweaters.

They even give you the leaf template which I just copied right from my screen (I have no printer at my immediate disposal). You can kind of see the three colors of sweaters I bought; Orange, pale green, dark gray. They look great and I am excited to see how absorbent they are (which I suspect they are since its a natural fiber). Because of the thickness of the felted wool, when sewn they even curve around my glass like a real leaf.

BONUS SUGGESTION! This same idea would be great if you made Christmas bulb coasters in red and green or blue and white; and sewed patterns, like zigzags in silver, across the circle. Hm, but what to make the metal hanging piece out of...maybe a small bow or a ribbon in a V shape trailing away from the bulb.


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