Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ladies Craft Night: Sky Lanterns-Part Two

Hey Pyromaniacs,

After our first attempt at Sky Lanterns went south I had to figure out a way to use the rest of the Sky Lanterns we had bought. I reasoned that if we add a length of yarn to the circular frame of the lantern, we could make them into kites so we could keep better control of the lantern's distance and clean up after ourselves.

I was in a bit of a pre-moving time crunch so we picked a slightly windy day to try this theory out. Remember, when trying Sky Lanterns pick a day with little to no wind. My theory proved right! We were worried about the string being a fire hazard but it was safe and no more a fire hazard than lighting a paper lantern on fire in the first place.

Like a kite, it was easy to handle and much more satisfying since we could control the height and enjoy the full length of the life of a floating Sky Lantern. If you try this, wrap your string around a book or into a ball. If it is just a pile of string it will get tangled and you'll loose the max length of string/height of the lantern.

I still don't recommend the purchase of Sky Lanterns but if you just have to try it for yourself, keep an eye out for a deal and happy floating!